The Benefits of Ballet for Adults

Ballet is dance style that uses most if not all muscles groups, specially  the gluts, legs and feet. You will develop tremendous body awareness and its an excellent cognitive exercise since it requires memorizing steps, coordination, posture and balance.  

The more you practise it,  the more enjoyable it becomes. If you are familiar with yoga or body flow, think of it as a similar feeling but with much more details plus with an inspiring additional  artistic component. You will be moving to beautiful music, aiming for a sensation of elevation and elegance. It’s a wonderful feeling. 

Coming Up Winter 2022

Winter 2021 Ballet Classes for Adults with Maria Osende

Upcoming Ballet Classes for Adults ❄️ Winter 2022

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New to Ballet?

Check out my Ballet Basics on Demand Course to thoroughly understand the basics of ballet:

  • posture
  • arms and fee positions
  • Basic Building Blocks
  • Basic turns
Ballet Basics On Demand Entry Level Course