Ballet Classes for Adults

Learn Ballet from a Professional Ballerina in-person, live on Zoom or On-Demand. 

Ballet Online and On-Demand

Ballet Barre Online

Monthly and drop-in options. Free Trials.

Join me Tuesdays and Thursdays live on Zoom or on-demand (class recording).  Easy-to-follow open level ballet barre includes short warm up and stretch. Students can have their camera on or off.  Free Trials.


  • 9.30am AST Atlantic Time
  • (Atlantic Canada), UTC/GMT-3 (Argentina)
  • 8.30am EST Eastern Time
  • (Ontario, Quebec, NY), UTC/GMT-4 (Brazil)
  • 1.30pm UK
  • 14.30pm Europe 

On-Demand Ballet Courses for Adult Beginners

Ballet Basics On-Demand

An introduction to ballet for absolute beginner adults. Contains sixteen, 30 minute-long lessons. 

Ballet Basics Course from Flamenco and Ballet Maria Osende on Vimeo.

SKILL: No Experience Necessary
COURSE CONTENT: 16 classes
INTENSITY: Mild to Moderate
CLASS TYPE: Recorded Zoom Classes

Throughout the course you will learn:

  • 5 feet and 5 arm positions
  • Correct body, hip, foot and arm placement
  • How to engage your leg turn out (en dehors)

    Plie, tendus, jetés, fondu, développé, relève, pas de vals, pas de beurree, cou-de-pied, port de bras, simple port de bras

    Beginner Ballet 1

    Contains sixteen, 30 minute-long lessons. 

    Beginner Ballet 1 Course from Flamenco and Ballet Maria Osende on Vimeo.

    SKILL: Basic Ballet Knowledge (ballet posture, arm and feet positions, and basic concepts such as plié, tendu, jeté, pas de vals, port de bras)
    COURSE CONTENT: 15 classes of 30 minutes each
    INTENSITY: Mild to moderate
    CLASS TYPE: Recorded Zoom Classes

    On Demand Course for Adult beginner ballet dance students interested in focused technique, correct execution and detail.

    In-Person Classes


    Ballet Beginner Plus 4-Day Summer Workshop
    July 24-27, 7.15-8.30pm

    Ballet  Conditioning 3-Day Summer Workshop
    Open Level barre, stretch, strength
    August 14-16 6.15-7.30pm

    Ballet Open Level 3-Day Summer Workshop
    August 21-23 6-7.30pm


    Ballet Open Level – Sundays 3-4.30pm
    Ballet Beginner 3 Level – Sundays 4.30-6pm

    Ballet Open Level Class 

    Sundays, 4-6pm at Halifax Dance weekly until June 11

    My open level adult class is ideal for students taking ballet recreationally once or twice a week.

    This 2 hour long class will allow us to work thoroughly and when needed, split the class or combinations to adapt to those dancers who are looking for a challenge, and to those who are still learning new steps. Below a combination from this class to give you an idea of the level.