Flamenco Dance Class Schedule

Unleash your inner passion and step into the world of Flamenco dance! 

Embrace the artistry and rhythm of this captivating Spanish tradition as you embark on a transformative journey of self-expression and movement. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or stepping onto the dance floor for the first time, our Flamenco dance classes offer a welcoming space to learn, connect, and ignite your spirit. 

Led by experienced instructors, you’ll master the intricate footwork, powerful rhythms, and emotive storytelling that make Flamenco a dance like no other. Discover the joy of Flamenco and immerse yourself in a vibrant community of fellow enthusiasts. Embrace the dance, embrace the rhythm – sign up for our September classes and let your passion ignite!

On the video above you can see your Level 3 students. These dancers have been dancing for several years and take class once a week. 

On the video below you can see a snippet of an absolute beginner flamenco dance class learning sevillanas.

All Fall Courses at a Glance

Flamenco Dance Fall 2023 CoursesWeekdayStart TimeDurationStart DateEnd DateMore info
Entry Level – Discover FlamencoWednesdays6.30pm1hOct 5 

Oct 26View Course
Entry Level – Discover FlamencoWednesdays7.30pm1hNov 1, 2023Nov 29, 2023View Course
Level 1 – SevillanasWednesdays7.30pm1hOct 4, 2023Dec 20, 2023View Course
Level 2 – Flamenco (Hybrid) AlegriasMondays6.30pm1h 15mOngoingDec 18, 2023View Course
Level 3 – Flamenco – Solea por BuleriasWednesdays7.30pm1h 15mOngoingDec 20, 2023View Course
Level 4 – Flamenco – VerdialesMondays7.30pm1h 15mOngoingDec 11, 2023View Course

Flamenco Fall courses for adults take place at Happy Soul Dance Studios, Oxford Street, Halifax, Canada

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Flamenco can be practised and enjoyed at many levels. Finding the right level for your skillset is key to your development and enjoyment. To learn more about your levels please go to Levels.

We provide a framework for efficient learning, so you can progress at your own pace. With clear instruction and honest encouragement, we want to motivate you to surpass your own expectations. Step-by-step, move-by-move we will support you without ever feeling out of your depth or incurring injury.

Student Reviews

Janice Godin and Audrey Barber in class ©Rebecca Hartery

The Benefits of Dance

Dance is a fun activity that sharpens the mind, increases aerobic power, strength and flexibility, builds social bonds, and can reduce pain, stiffness and anxiety. Recent findings suggest that dance offers double the benefits of other types of physical activity,

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Maria Osende:

Maria Osende

Discover the world of dance with Maria Osende, a celebrated artist and inspiring teacher. Immerse yourself in ballet and flamenco with Maria in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Join her transformative classes and experience the beauty of dance today.

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Health Benefits of Flamenco Dance


Discover a world of transformation through the passionate art of flamenco dance. Engage your core as you master impeccable posture, sculpting strength that radiates beyond the studio. Elegance blossoms with the graceful extension of arms overhead, cultivating upper-body poise and vitality. Defy osteoporosis through rhythmic footwork, fortifying your bones with each resounding step. Embrace the dance of memory as intricate sequences kindle cognitive vitality, all while igniting self-esteem through expressive motion. Flamenco dance is an empowering journey that harmonizes strength, grace, and emotion, inviting you to explore the profound impact of movement on both body and soul.

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