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We’re excited to connect with you and share the joy of dance! There are several ways to reach out to us and become a part of our vibrant dance community:

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Class Locations

Discover our diverse class options. We offer classes online, on-demand, and at two convenient locations in Halifax

Flamenco Classes Location

Join us at Happy Soul Dance Studios
3089 Oxford St, 2nd floor
Halifax, NS B3L 2W8 

Ballet Classes Location

Delve into the grace of ballet with our Sunday classes held at Halifax Dance
Maritime Centre, 2nd Floor
1505 Barrington St
Halifax, NS B3J 3K5

Can’t make it to our physical locations? No worries!

Online Classes: Join us from anywhere through our online classes. Experience the art of Flamenco right at home.

Hybrid Classes: Our hybrid classes offer the flexibility of attending in-person or tuning in via Zoom simultaneously.

On-Demand Courses: Can’t make it to a scheduled class? No problem. Our on-demand courses let you learn at your own pace.

Bringing Classes to Your Location: We can bring the magic of Dance to your location! Contact us to discuss arranging classes in your area.

Weekend Retreats and Workshops: Looking for an immersive Flamenco or Ballet experience? Consider hiring Maria Osende for weekend retreats or workshops in your area. Maria brings her expertise and passion to create an unforgettable dance journey. Contact us to learn more and discuss the possibilities.

Contact Information:

Email: General Information

For inquires please contact Maria at: 902-476-8482