What can I expect from flamenco dance?

Flamenco offers a wonderful outlet for personal expression. Classes are mentally and physically stimulating, good exercise and great for posture. Flamenco is a challenging art form which leaves room for continuous learning.

You’ll also meet a wonderful group of fellow students. We also hold a nice and informal student recital/party at Christmas and in June, were students have the opportunity to make use of what they’ve learned in class, meet other students and “dress up” which is a lot of fun.

What do I wear to class?

To start out, you really do not need any special clothing, just make sure you can lift your arms up comfortably.

Shoes should be character shoes, flamenco shoes, or any shoe with an approximately 2-inch-high, very sturdy heel. Try to avoid sandals or rubber soled shoes, you want to be able to hear the sounds your shoes make.

Female students will eventually need a flamenco practice skirt or other heavy, full skirt, but it’s not necessary to start.

If you are looking for flamenco shoes, the best is to order them online, unless you are travelling to Toronto, Montreal or any other city that has a dance store in or outside Canada.

Am I too old to start?

Never! We have several students in their 50s and 50’s! Unless you have a serious joint problem or other health issues, age is no barrier to learning flamenco.

I have never danced before, am I going to be the only one in the class with no experience?

I think this is the most common question I get. I would say that 80% of my new students have never taken a dance class before in their lives, so you will be just fine!

I have a background in dance, should I still go to the beginner course?

Chances are that if you have a strong previous dance background, you might learn fast, however as you know, getting the basics right is crucial to be able to develop your skills later on, so starting from the beginning is really important, as it is the only course were the basics are explained thoroughly.

After the first 2-3 weeks, if you find you can handle more, you should try out a class in the next level up and take it from there. It is possible to change in the middle of the term.

Can I just observe your class first before I commit?

You are invited to come and observe a class at any time, please e-mail us first at [email protected] at to be sure that a class will be held on the day or evening you plan to come. If there’s room in the class, you may also try the class.
If possible, it’s really better to try the class rather than observe it.

When do new classes begin? Do I want to wait and start at the beginning?

New classes/courses start in September, however if you are a beginner, our so called “Absolute Beginner Course” starts regularly every 7-8 weeks (Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May, July), there are workshops throughout the year and for all other classes, we often start new material at the beginning of a term (September, January, April or during Summer Courses).

You can join a course within the first 3 weeks of a term, and if you don’t have an option due to your work or scheduling conflicts, you can join later on, however you might need extra help or private sessions to keep up, since the material taught builds up throughout the course.

If you love flamenco and strongly want to take classes, please take the plunge and join one of the beginning classes that are currently in session. Private lessons are available if you find you just can’t stand being a little less skilled than the other students. As in learning anything, it helps to have the attitude that you won’t know everything at first, but you’re willing to dive in and do your best. Try not to throw up so many roadblocks that you’ll never get started!

Can I drop in to classes?

Yes you can, however since most classes are part of course 8-15 week courses, it will be hard to not fall behind if you don’t drop in regularly. I suggest that you start flamenco classes when you have a stretch of time when you’ll be able to make at least 80% of the classes in a course, specially if you are a beginner. We also offer additional private classes if you have missed classes and would like to catch up with the rest of the class.

How long is each class?

All classes are 60 minutes in length, except the Advanced class, which is 90 minutes.

Can I make up missed classes?

Students are allowed to make up missed class within a term. You can take a make up in any class other than your own, during the same session. But it makes most sense to try to make up a class in a level similar to your regular class or lower; otherwise you may find that you spend a good part of the hour confused by the complexity of the material.

Do you offer classes for children?

Yes we do, however it is a small group and it runs on a semi-private basis. Please contact Maria if you are interested, kids, love flamenco! It is great for their coordination, musicality, posture and memory.