Giselle Themed Weekend Adult Ballet Retreat

October 4-6-, 2024

The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada

Enjoy a spectacular weekend in the heart of the Nova Scotia’s valley.

Our retreat offers daily guided warm-ups, ballet classes, and workshops, complemented by a special screening of the ballet “Giselle,” the theme of this year’s retreat. Experience nature walks, guided stretching, cool-down sessions, and relaxation amidst serene surroundings.

Accommodation options include single eco-cabins, as well as single, double, and dorm-style rooms at the center. Savor delicious, healthy meals prepared with fresh ingredients from the center’s own vegetable garden, a delight for both ballet and nature lovers.

An opportunity to rejuvenate your spirit, enhance your ballet skills, and connect with fellow ballet enthusiasts.



Is This Retreat for Me?

This year’s retreat is designed for adults who have been practicing ballet recreationally for a minimum of 4 years, once a week, or possess an equivalent level of experience, and also welcomes dancers with intermediate or advanced skills.

All participants should be familiar with the structure of a ballet class, including exercises like rond de jambe, adage, frappés, basic pirouettes, and small to medium jumps.

Exercises and combinations will be adapted to accommodate various levels of expertise, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and included.


We proudly emphasize that there is no age limit for our retreat. Participants with physical limitations and/or injuries are welcome. We encourage you to make adjustments and participate as you are able. The primary goal of our retreat is to enjoy dance and create a memorable experience for all attendees.

Typically, our participants range in age from their 20s to late 60s, illustrating that dance is truly for everyone. We welcome you to join this diverse community, where each participant brings unique experiences and perspectives. Regardless of age, we encourage you to embrace the joy of dance, while being mindful of your physical limitations.

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Ballet Retreat
Ballet Retreat
Ballet Retreat

Below a little glimpse  into our 2023 Swan Lake Ballet Retreat

Retreat Fees

Bookings Through The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, Canning NOva Scotia
  • $375 Individual and Double (shared)l Farmhouse Rooms
  • $350 Solo Cabins with woodstoves, off grid, shared washrooms a short walk
  • $300 Dormitory Style Room at the Centre
  • $250 For those wishing to only come for the sessions and meals., no accomodation
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Car pooling, Schedule and More

As we get closer to the date, you will get a detailed schedule and we will invite you to the participant group chat to connect those wishing to carpool together, as well as answer any questions you might have. We have solid retreat fans that return every year!

For our Giselle workshops, participants are encouraged to bring long tutus if they have them, as well as ‘Giselle’ inspired outfits. Please refer to ‘Giselle’ Act II online to see examples.

Schedule Highlights:


5-6pm Arrival and Check-in

6pm Dinner 

7.30pm Movie Night, Popcorn, social time

9.30-12pm Warm up & Themed Class
12-2pm Lunch & Rest, free time
2-5pm Variations (by level), Workshops & Stretch

6pm Dinner & Social Time


Similar with a shorter Class, wrapping up at 3.30pm

About Giselle

About the Ballet “Giselle”

This year, we delve into the ballet “Giselle,” aromatic ballet first performed in 1841, renowned for its profound emotional depth and the ethereal beauty of its narrative. The story revolves around a peasant girl, Giselle, who falls in love with a nobleman disguised as a commoner, Albrecht. When Giselle learns of Albrecht’s true identity and his engagement to another, she dies of a broken heart.

The second act, set in a moonlit forest, introduces the Wilis, ghostly spirits of maidens betrayed before their weddings. The ballet is celebrated for its emotional depth, demanding acting skills, and the ethereal beauty of its “white act” (Act II).

Giselle 1.act, Amber Scott. Photography Lynette Wills. Australian Ballet

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