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a place to embrace dance as a joyful part of life

Whether you have been dancing for years or you are about to venture into your first dance class, your unique story matters, your potential will be nurtured and your progress celebrated.  

Bring dance into your life and enjoy the social, physical and emotional benefits that come along with it.


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Flamenco Dance Classes


Embark on a transformative experience that awakens your spirit and unveils new dimensions of self-expression. 

In Maria’s classes, dancers of every level are invited to embark on a journey of transformation. Her teaching goes beyond mere instruction, breaking down barriers and kindling the pure joy of dance while nurturing a deep sense of camaraderie. It’s her exceptional patience, infectious humor, and unwavering dedication that leave an indelible mark on her students.

Maria shares her wealth of experience and passion with adults seeking to explore ballet and flamenco. 

With each step you take, whether mastering the passionate stomps of flamenco or the delicate poise of ballet, you’ll find guidance that’s tailored to your unique journey.

Join us! at Flamenco and Ballet Dance School, where the magic of dance, and the laughter shared in our classes will leave you not only a more skilled dancer, but a happier and more confident individual.

Feel free to pirouette into our class schedules, explore our instructor’s profile, and take a leap towards your dance dreams. Get ready to dance your heart out, one step at a time!

Marel Eager

Meet Marel Eager: A Ballet Luminary Shaping Dance Education with Expertise and Passion After earning her BA in Dance from Butler University in Indianapolis in 1973, Marel Eager embarked on a remarkable journey in the world of ballet. Butler Ballet

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Janice Godin and Audrey Barber in class ©Rebecca Hartery

The Benefits of Dance

Dance is a fun activity that sharpens the mind, increases aerobic power, strength and flexibility, builds social bonds, and can reduce pain, stiffness and anxiety. Recent findings suggest that dance offers double the benefits of other types of physical activity,

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Time to order your castanets! There are few more Spanish sounds than the “click” of a pair of castanets. Their rhythm is the bedrock of flamenco. Ordering your first pair of castanets can be overwhelming. Our castanet guide will help you get

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Health Benefits of Flamenco Dance


Discover a world of transformation through the passionate art of flamenco dance. Engage your core as you master impeccable posture, sculpting strength that radiates beyond the studio. Elegance blossoms with the graceful extension of arms overhead, cultivating upper-body poise and vitality. Defy osteoporosis through rhythmic footwork, fortifying your bones with each resounding step. Embrace the dance of memory as intricate sequences kindle cognitive vitality, all while igniting self-esteem through expressive motion. Flamenco dance is an empowering journey that harmonizes strength, grace, and emotion, inviting you to explore the profound impact of movement on both body and soul.

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