Whether you have been dancing for years or you are about to venture into your first dance class, your unique story matters, your potential will be nurtured and your progress celebrated.  

Bring dance into your life and enjoy the social, physical and emotional benefits that come along with it.


Welcome to Flamenco and Ballet Dance School Maria Osende -
a place to embrace dance as a joyful part of life

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Flamenco Dance Classes


Embark on a transformative experience that awakens your spirit and unveils new dimensions of self-expression. 

🩰💃 Winter 2024 Flamenco and Ballet Courses at Maria Osende Dance School!

Classes for All Levels

No matter your skill level, our expert instructors are here to guide you. From beginners to advanced dancers, our Winter 2023 courses cater to all levels, ensuring an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

⭐️Special Offers for Dance Enthusiasts!

Dance More Discount: Enjoy a special 35% off discounts when you sign up for more than one class.

Dance Duo Discounts: Bring a friend or dance partner and save 20% each.

Student Discount: 25% Off

Proratable Term fees for those of you travelling this winter.


📅 Winter Term Dates:

January 8, 2023 through March 25.

📍 Locations:

Flamenco Classes: Happy Soul Dance Studios, Oxford Street, Halifax

Ballet Classes: Sundays at Halifax Dance, Barrington Street, halifax

Flamenco Level 2: Hybrid class on Mondays, accessible from wherever you are!

Join us for a season of dance, expression, and joy!


Maria explains steps carefully (step by step). Repeats as necessary. It is really great to have whole choreography while learning level 1. Maria makes all efforts to have online students involved in the class.
Marel was absolutely amazing. She made me feel comfortable in class and provided great feedback and instruction. Coming into a ballet class in a studio as an adult male was daunting so having a comfortable atmosphere was perfect.
Loved the course! Thank you for your wonderful teaching style, you have great patience, attitude and energy

The Dance Continues: Flamenco and Ballet Articles for Dance Students

Dancer from aria Osende Flamenco Company performing a guajira


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Janice Godin, Student at Flamenco and Ballet Dance School Maria Osende during a Guajiras class. Photo © Danny Abriel

The Fan

What to look for when buying a fan for flamenco dance. Where to get it and the different sizes from regular to pericon

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What is a Llamada -The Flamenco Dance Student Guide

In flamenco “Llamada” means “cue” and it is a crucial element used by both dancers and guitarists.

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Winter Term 2024

Winter Term 2024 Start 2024 by immersing yourself in a journey of passion and artistic expression that will invigorate you throughout the winter. Our 2024 winter term runs from January 8 through March 28, with a brief pause

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