Welcome you to Level 2 Alegrias!

As its name suggests, alegrías (joys) is one of the most festive styles or palos flamencos. It has its origin in the province of Cádiz in Andalusa. 

Choreography for the Song: 

      • Te Voy a Querer Toda la Vida (Alegrias)  meaning “I Will Love You All My Life”
      • Artist: Canelita Listen on Youtube

Two Tips to Make the Best out of The Course

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Compás de Alegrias

Getting familiar and understanding the accents of each palo in the 12-beat rhythm is crucial to your enjoyment and progress. Please take a listen and try to do palmas on the accents marked on the video below. This will help a lot. 

Practise this every day for at least 5 minutes. 

2. Know the Song by Heart

Listen to this song MANY MANY times. Music for Our Choreography 

In the world of flamenco, you will see that connecting with the music and the artist you are dancing to is essential. Please take a moment to checkout Canelita, the singer of the alegrias you will be learning.  Listen to it on your way to class, while cooking, while shopping, while walking…. Know it by heart


Biography of Canelita:

Canelita (born Jonathan Vera in 1990) is a Spanish flamenco singer hailing from the barrio of Bajadilla in Algeciras, southeastern Spain. He was discovered by another native of Algeciras, Paco de Lucia, as a young boy. Canelita began recording as a teenager, with early releases such as Vivo Errante (2004) and Canelita por mi calle (2005). His album, Vuelvo, released in November 2010, blends traditional flamenco singing ballads and pop tunes, aiming to reach a mass audience. He has also traveled to France and Germany with flamenco groups. Canelita is primarily known for his fandangos and bulerías but can also sing rumbas and tangos.