About the School

At our school, everyone’s unique dance journey is celebrated. Regardless of age, size, background, or style, you’ll find a relaxed and motivating environment to learn and grow. Offering flamenco and ballet classes for all levels, both online and in-person in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, we provide an efficient learning framework tailored to your pace.

About Maria  Osende

With 18 years of experience, Maria Osende stands at the helm of the school. A true visionary, her expertise spans teaching, choreography, performance and show production.  Her artistic prowess traverses the landscape of traditional flamenco, innovative fusions, and the elegance of ballet. Notably, Maria has carved a niche as a specialist in teaching adults, fostering their passion for dance and creativity. Read Maria’s bio here




Progress with Confidence

Through clear guidance and sincere encouragement, we’re here to help you exceed your own expectations. Our step-by-step approach ensures you’re fully supported in each move, preventing overwhelm or injury.

Embrace Community and Warmth

Expect camaraderie and a welcoming atmosphere, whether you’re joining us online or in-person. With class sizes ranging from 6 to 18 students.

Flexible and Supportive Classes

Our focus is on adult recreational classes, requiring only a commitment of one or two classes weekly. However, you’re free to increase your class frequency. For those making flamenco dance a core part of their lives, we offer professional development and performance opportunities.

Join Our Dance Family

Beyond learning, you’ll forge friendships and unique connections within our dance-loving community. Everyone is invited to try out and experience the joy of dance. Come, join us, and let the rhythm ignite your passion!

Join our passionate community of dancers at Flamenco and Ballet Dance School Maria Osende. Rediscover the joy of dance and enhance your well-being with our classes in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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