#1 Core stability

This is achieved by keeping a long, straight spine, shoulders back, tailbone tucked under and the core-stability muscles around the middle pulled in and up.

#2 Upper-body strength

You have to keep your arms above your head for long periods with flamenco, moving them in graceful twists and sweeps. This quickly develops long, lean muscles in the arms and shoulders.

#3 Beating osteoporosis

Weight-bearing exercise is key in helping to prevent this bone disease. The stamping movements and higher frequency of travelling steps boost preventative benefits, as they increase the load on bones.

#4 Memory booster

Flamenco wards off memory loss in older adults by continually challenging the brain through learning about new cultures, and memorizing steps, rhythms and sequences.

#5 Self-esteem booster

Flamenco is a highly expressive, passionate, rhythmic dance. The combination of a chance to express emotion and its visible body benefits can seriously boost self-esteem.