This January Learn Flamenco Dance

Unleash Your Passion and explore Flamenco’s fascinating rhythms.

Suitable for all levels of fitness.

No previous dance experience required.

Discover Flamenco

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About The School

Welcome to Flamenco and Ballet Dance School Maria Osende, the vibrant center of Halifax’s extraordinary Flamenco community. Founded by acclaimed Spanish dancer Maria Osende in 2005, our school has been a unique hub of excellence for over 15 years, standing as the sole Flamenco dance school in Atlantic Canada.

Join us to experience the world of Flamenco, where our vision is to create a space where adults embrace the joy of dance, turning each step into a journey of self-expression, artistry, and cultural discovery. Come and discover the rhythm of your own dance journey with us.

Why Choose Flamenco

Stress Reliever

Channel Emotions through Flamenco's Powerful Footwork and Intensity.

Enhance Coordination

Improve balance and coordination with flamenco’s intricacy of movement.

Memory Booster

Flamenco's choreography presents a cognitive challenge that stimulates memory and problem-solving skills.


Characterized by assertive and intense expressions, flamenco instills a sense of empowerment.

Student Testimonials

“I am enjoying the classes so much - it’s the perfect mix of fun and challenging. Getting motivated to exercise regularly is easy because I find myself going over the steps at home to get them right. Having videos to practice along with makes all the difference. Everyone in the class is very warm and welcoming.”
Emily taylor Smith
“Thank you Maria, for the wonderful class. I loved our dance and music (Level 1). The Summer Fiesta was a lot of fun. I really appreciate the thought and care you put into our classes and everything you do! I hope to take class with you again. Much appreciated.”
Louise Boudreau
We only offer entry level courses in January and September.  If you don’t like it, you can withdraw and get a refund.